Its Aliveeeee!!!!!!!!!

My post content ITS ALIVEEEE!!!!!

Ok so I now have a newfound respect for all the web developers and designers I've worked with, spoken to and placed over the years.

I started Head Hunter Resourcing only 2 months ago as I wanted to work for a company where the Candidate / Client experience was the main driving force, building long lasting, transparent relationships with my clients.

This weekend I built my website. Yes I could have pulled in a favour or 2 and asked someone to do it for me, but I wanted to do it. 1 to see how its done and 2 to get more of an understanding of what the guys I work with do on a daily basis.

I tried firstly developing from scratch - I'm not a developer, my brain doesn't bend that way and was soon in knots.

Then I tried Fasthosts website builder. I chose a template and away I went. That's when it hit me like a rock. All the things I needed to consider - Design, Colour, Form, Content, User Experience, legality's, and so on. Yes I'm an IT recruiter specialising in placing the best guys on the market, however Thanks to this weekends experience I'm also an IT recruiter with a the utmost respect for the guys I work with.

Lady's and gents I take my hat off to you